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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eat This! or A Tale of Love, Pies, Lies,and Revenge

She set her sights on the fine young lad
Said "I know how to make him mine."
Took out her recipes and she cooked
All sorts of foods most divine!

She sent cookies up to his office
Sugar and oatmeal-raisin
On the tray was her telephone number
Oh my! but the girl was brazen!

He asked her out for that Friday
A movie, dinner, and dancing
She accepted demurely but devised impurely
More gastronomic romancing.

She brought him lunches to work every weekday
Sandwiches, salads, and treats
Muffins and cupcakes, hoagies and cheesesteaks
No dish was too great a feat.

He fell for her just as she'd planned it
They married one day the next spring
He kept eating her chow and came time for the vow
With his finger too fat for the ring!

They were the perfect of couples
She baked him all flavors of pies
He ate all her food and she fed him real good
But all that he fed her were lies.

The best way to man's heart's through his stomach
She'd followed those words to her best
But when she found out he was cheating on her
Then she shot him straight through the chest!

image by lolita-art at deviantart.com

submitted for Poetry Potluck: Food, Drink, and Indulgence
also for Poetry Potluck: Lies, Deception, and Misrepresentation


LeiffyV said...

Oh my. Quite a shock at the end! A little whimsy and then it ends with a bullet to the chest. Sounds like most of my love stories!

Great piece, thanks for sharing with us!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

rocking imagery,


Maggie said...

LOL. I think we are going one way, then, Yank, Bam, Surprise!

JamieDedes said...

Whoa! Well done. Good spin ... Nice the way you pulled it together for both challenges. :-)

Poem on ...

JamieDedes said...

P.S.: I love the title of the poem! Bravo!

Rachel Hoyt said...

Awesome poem! The plot, rhythym AND rhyme carried me forward nicely until BANG! The twist. Well done. :)

My Potluck Poem: Bacon Wrapped Nest Keg

Anonymous said...

LOL, i like the ending! maybe she should have impaled him on a kebab!
I like the flow of the structure.


Anonymous said...

I'm quite shocked at the end and then I realized, she just gave it a shot -- loving too much!

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

I love your words but why a bullet at the end?

Louise said...

No messing with this girl. Great poem. Thanks for the comment on d blog by the way, will check out later as running around like a mad woman today.

Anonymous said...

bang! and the food spills.. here's mine lola.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/cheesecake/

Lyn said...

I guess he got his just desserts!! Very well written..but she'll have a very high price to pay!! Too bad...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, indeed ... delightfully treacherous!!!

Uma Anandane said...

Hmm..she was a wonderful wife indeed.true...the best way to man's heart's through his stomach..
The poetic story was well written

Kavita said...

OUCH!! Good thing she didn't shoot him in the stomach.. it would've oozed food instead of blood..

An awesome story, Lola.. serves that cheating hubby right!!
Oh God.. but now you've made me hungry....

Someone is Special said...

What a story, *************************************

Someone is Special

Anonymous said...

So fun. Enjoyed the easy rhyme and the story!

Anonymous said...

so funny, i loved every line!!
here's my piece if you wanna check if out :)

Anonymous said...

I love this piece!

K. Shawn Edgar said...

Nice! The image is just right. I love the way you craft these.

Dishilicious said...

wooo! nice work ;)

Anonymous said...

hoho the final verdict is painful .. nice write lola..here's my potluck http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/paper-scribbles/

Olivia said...

Serves him just right! Man, he just got served.. haah!!

Till the last line it went on a playful note and then- BANG.. very well written! Great piece :)

Hugs xox

rmpWritings said...

Perfect...an absolutely perfect tale.

Anonymous said...

LOL! This was delightful, as most of your stuff is, lolamouse. :) Definitely a favorite now.