Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sometimes Words Are Just Words

I get it, Buk
Life and art, art and life
but sometimes
An old man ogling a young girl in a mini skirt
is just an old man ogling a young girl in a mini skirt
And frankly, Hank
Your cock is not that interesting
to be featured in so many poems
So while you may think yourself beyond hip
when you sing the praises of the
Middle Class White Male
If you ever called me a whore
I’d slap the cool right off your face
and make you feel the sting 
of what’s really real
Rest in peace, man.

Inspired by the style and content of Charles Bukowski's poetry, which I attempted to appreciate again for this challenge and still don't find very likable. Here is a link to read some yourself.


Brian Miller said...

ha. you play buk well. he is def an interesting one...i think that to palette him at times you have to remember he , like most of us, was a really flawed guy...

Margaret said...

I can see I didn't fully understand the prompt... To write on the same theme or same style. I just took a line and created my own poem. You did amazingly well as I read the linked poems and yours has the same tone. Well done. Mi enjoyed this as I know it isn't your usual style.

Anonymous said...

I do love the message you've given him. :-)


I love Bukowski. And yours is the best poem I've read all day. If my children weren't sleeping, I'd stand up and clap.


vivinfrance said...

Your clever pastiche certainly picked up on Bukowski's abrasive style, which I cannot equate to poetry! Incidentally, that link to Bukowski was an absolute pain - impossible to get rid of the spammy advertisements.

shawnacy said...

he'd have eaten that up with a spoon. a whole book of poems dedicated to the slap heard round the world. :)

i have some strong opinions about buk. but they tend to delve too deeply into human psychology to be much fun.

enjoyed the pants off this one.

Crayotic Ramblings said...

Can you hear the applause?

This. Is. Tremendous.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh, I loved this!! So cool, and I'm right behind you on the cock and slap.

Three cheers for this bravely iconoclastic rant.

BB said...

Just great!

JustRex said...

Some people consider making art to be equal to pissing people off. Like 99% of performance art, which is just shocking for shocking's sake.

Only an audience as stoned as Buk would really appreciate Buk.

You did good.

Christine said...

Once again I have learned something new, infinity is the rule of the poet, there is no limit to how we can create. (To be honest I had never of Bukowski.) :)

Mystic_Mom said...

I don't like him either, but you did something special with this, and this I like! :-)

Pat Tillett said...

"I'd slap the cool right off your face!"
GREAT line....