Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lung Love Limerick Contest

Image by tungphoto via freedigitalphoto.net
I just can't stand the smell any more
Sleeping with you is a chore!
You reek of stale smoke
Your stench makes me choke
Either quit or else sleep on the floor!

Tobacco will end your life quicker
It's just as addictive as liquor
It won't help you chill
It just makes you ill
And it's not good for your ticker!

It's time that you put out your butts
Get out of your tobacco ruts
Because smoking is crazy
So just quit; don't be lazy
To continue you'd have to be nuts!

submitted for Rachel Hoyt's and Mad Kane's Lung Love Limerick Contest
I won 2nd place!!!


Rachel Hoyt said...

Hahaha. Thanks for an excellent contribution! The first is my favorite, though I doubt making the man sleep on the floor will help the snore volume. LOL. :)

Fireblossom said...

LOL I love Mad Kane.

Anonymous said...

Three limericks? Overachiever.

The Book of Shadows (The Dark Side) said...

Excellent exposure on how one feel about a smoker... Great write..

Anonymous said...

Congrats on almost being as awesome as me :)