Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ballad of the Beautiful Princess

( to the rhythm of the Ode to Billy Jack aka One Tin Soldier)

image by Lauren Randolph
Once there was a lovely princess
She had such a pretty face
She was known throughout the kingdom
Not one flaw you would erase

All the kingdom praised her beauty
She drew stares from far and wide
Though she knew that it was sinful
Soon her looks became her pride

To her face she paid attention
Other aspects she'd neglect
Music, arts, and academics
She ignored her intellect

Then one day upon a mirror
Princess gazed with vanity
What she saw there wasn't pretty
It threatened her sanity

Her fair head was crowned with gray hair
Wrinkles framed her regal face
Deep lines set into her forehead
She now felt a real disgrace

And the worst thing in that mirror
Was when she looked at her eyes
They looked back a total blank stare
She saw nothing true or wise

She vowed then and there for better
She would change herself for good
She would learn and she would work hard
Live the life she knew she should

So the princess joined her people
Side by side is how it was
And she taught the kingdom something--
Beauty is as beauty does


M. A. S. said...

Congratulations. I will not (probably ever) attempt a ballad.

I especially love "beauty is as beauty does."

Willow said...

Well done, Lola...no ballads for me either, I tried once and failed. Will try again. I like your "Crooked Line" poem very much.

Willow said...

Well done, Lola, I have never written a ballad, tried once and failed. I also like your Crooked Line poem, but couldn't see a place to comment.

Reflections said...

A ballad seems such a stretch for me, maybe sometime...? Love your take here though. Well done.

Brian Miller said...

nice little journey you took us on with this one into what is really important in life...

Steve Isaak said...

Good moral/storytelling here. Effective.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Lovely message, well said.

dustus said...

Ha! Love how it was the recognition of the princess' vacant reflection that prompted her transformation. Nicely done!