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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Want Art???

Isaac is a friend of my daughter and an amazing artist. Please consider helping him raise money by commissioning a piece. I'm thinking of what I'd like now!

lolamouse (Sheri)

i am a dfab trans man entering college next year and i need top surgery before i move in with my cis male roommates - so, within the next SEVEN WEEKS. that’s not a lot of time. right now my family can’t afford the surgery alone, much less afford the surgery AND tuition for both me and my sister.

long story short, i need money. at this point #surgery is not only to make me feel better in my body (which is reason enough, and you should never shame a trans* person who wants surgery to help with #dysphoria) - it is practically a necessity.

so i am now taking commissions at a price YOU NAME. i do still reserve the right to refuse commissions that make me uncomfortable.

message me here if you are interested in buying a commission. if you would like to donate even without buying a commission, i would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it. my paypal is livengoodisaac@gmail.com


Brian Miller said...

nice...he's got some pretty good skillz....best wishes on raising the money...that is hard...

Allison said...

psst…hey guys…commission/donate to Isaac

He's pretty nifty