Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Things You Never Forget

I remember

Waking early that morning 
Staying home from school with feigned sickness
but really feeling sick
Waiting for the parents to leave
Taking the test kit hidden in my bedroom to the bathroom
Reading the directions more times than needed
Filling the test tube, adding the solution, waiting
Counting the minutes

I remember

Looking at the test tube
Seeing the “doughnut” floating in the glass
Sweating, heart racing, nauseated, terrified
Throwing the test tube down the sewer
Walking to school in a trance
Praying for it all to be a dream

I remember

Peeking in the little window in the door of his classroom
Making eye contact
Shaking my head
Lowering my tear filled eyes
Him slamming his head down on the desk
Not looking back up
Going to history class
Aching to awaken.


Mary said...

Wow, you really made this experience VIVID. I can just feel your feelings throughout. And you looking into his classroom and him slamming his head on the desk.......yes, I do wonder what came next............

Well written...whew!

alan1704 said...

That was really heart wrenching and very well written. Just lost for words and you convey such traumatic emotion.

TCPC said...

Oh my! You have captured it all so well. Teenage pregnancy is increasingly becoming a worry and well, they are not trained to handle it either, neither before nor after

Unknown said...

I could clearly see all this happening as if I was watching a movie! My heart hurts for the pain theses teenagers are feeling!

Brian Miller said...

fug...i read this earlier...and it twisted my guts a bit...i feel the tension palpably...you def set the mood---i was right there.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I basically became that girl,as I read. I, too, was struck by his response, slamming his head down. A moment so many youngsters experience, told so vividly. Fantastic write, kiddo.

Susan said...

A saga, but one that creates an atmosphere and carries it forward carefully so she cannot waken. Very effective. I tensed as I made my way to the open end.

Scarlet said...

This was a heart breaker ~ Very well told and I wondered what happened next ~ Good one LM ~

Happy weekend ~

Suzy said...

Very well written - you truly made me walk that journey and I felt your pain.
Dropping by from Verse First.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I agree with Mary on this, I could feel it, this really got to me emotionally even though I haven't had the experience your words are so powerful

(the new prompt is up)

not displayed said...

Although I never lived this fear, your words really captured what it must be like.