Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What If?

"The best thing a parent can do for a child is love them and take them for who they are." Maurice Sendak
(Mr. Sendak lived with his partner for 50 years but was never able to tell his own parents that he was gay.)
What if I can't fall asleep
from the monster under my bed?
What if I miss dinner?
Will I starve until I'm dead?
What if I ran away from home?
Would you look for me?
What if I said I hated you?
Would you hate me back times 3?
What if sometimes I don't want
to have a baby brother?
What if I still suck my thumb
or wet my new bed cover?
What if I'm still scared of thunder
or afraid of the dark?
What if you love my sister more
and leave me at the park?
What if I do bad at school
and I'm really not that smart?
What if I think about you dying
or imagine us apart?
What if I make a bad mistake
and can't ever make it right?
What if I'm not good at sports?
do you think you might
Love me if I say I'm gay
still love me If I dared?
'cause I don't want to lose you
and I'm really, really scared.


Fireblossom said...

Well I know what the answer is in my family. "No."

Brian Miller said...

we both followed the same path on this...it was heart breaking for me to find he felt he could never tell his parents...ugh...kids need that unconditional love...nice take...

Aaron Kent said...

This is a really sweet poem. Shows us that the monsters under the bed aren't the only thing to be afraid of, sometimes we are afraid of showing ourselves or being abandoned by others.

Thank you for joining the wild rumpus!

JustRex said...

If one of my children had the guts to ask me that, I would have the guts to still love them.

Nicely done. Maurice would be proud.

Helena said...

Blimey missus - you do have a knack of welling me up! That was a heart wrenching poem. Acceptance and there to pick up the pieces if need be. That's a parent.

Grace said...

I missed this response ~

I think the questions are all food for thoughts ~ I think deep down we are all scared ~