Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Blue

Thinking of the friends I've lost
Warm mist hanging in the air
and wondering about the cost

Autumn wind
blows right through me
Was there one who
really knew me?

What happened?
What did I do?
October blue

Looking up at strange clouds floating
Wondering if it will rain
Feeling sorry for myself
when I think of us again

Have to laugh despite it all
You understood absurdity
Mirrors for each other, you
would not believe what you could see

Hard to find
someone like you
October blue

Red and yellow
leaves beneath my dirty shoes
Distant memories 
mixing with the autumn hues

Sometimes I wish 
that I fit in
when I think of 
you my friend

Even now
I still miss you
October blue.


Pearl said...

That was absolutely lovely. Fall is a good time for poignancy...


nene said...

Thanks for this expression. It mirrors my sentiment.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like a pretty amazing person...and i fel the loss...like the mirrors stanza and not being able to believe what they see...def felt, this time of year...

twinkly sparkles said...

I haven't done this week's Jam (yet?), but I did recently write a fall poem. I'm finding a connection between my poem and yours...not the same at all, but fall, the color blue, walking, a mirror, colors, love. I think the seasons can be the greatest prompts, perhaps fall being the most poetic.

I like your poem--very nice--and I like the photo. Thanks.

twinkly sparkles said...

Link to the poem I just referred to (not sure if you'll have to copy/paste from the URL):


Thanks again mouse!

JustRex said...

For some reason I can just hear Neil Diamond singing that. Kind of sounds like him.

Fireblossom said...

One doesn't think of October as being "blue." But I see it can be.

Christine said...

Leonard Cohen perhaps? Nice write, October does signal a finality of sorts.

not displayed said...

I just love this. Thankyou for inspiring me

Arnab Majumdar said...

The memories of lost friends are often the hardest to carry. Very heartfelt...

Arnab Majumdar on SribbleFest.com

Ed Pilolla said...

nostalgic and rich.

Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

Blue maple leaf! Love that! Your poem would make a great country song.

Pat Tillett said...

that was really good! Thought provoking also...

barbara said...

I see that I'm not the only one hearing music with this.
"dirty shoes". A very good touch.

Margaret said...

Blue October. Love that, I usually think of different colors. Just wondering what list you used... books or music? I like the feel of this, very sentimental.

Lolamouse said...

I used 4 songs from American Top 40: Strange Clouds, It Will Rain, Someone Like You, and Mirror. Thanks!