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Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS Day

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My friend has AIDS and I'm angry. I'm angry that everywhere I go, I don't see mugs, cereal boxes, T-shirts, pins, hats, and even cookies with red ribbons on them like I did in October with the pink breast cancer ribbons. I'm angry that corporate America is too afraid of tarnishing their precious images to put big bucks into HIV/AIDS research and prevention. I'm angry that millions of people still don't have adequate healthcare, still don't know their HIV status, and can't afford their medications when they need them. I'm angry that although we know that condoms can help prevent the spread of HIV infection, there are still people who vote down sex education in the schools. I'm angry that there are people who call themselves Christians who believe that AIDS is a punishment sent by God for immoral behavior and who sully the name of true Christians. I'm angry that so many people think that since they don't hear about AIDS deaths on the news every day, there isn't a problem any longer.

AIDS is still here. There is still no cure. Treatment has advanced, but medications are very expensive and have devastating side-effects. They are not effective for everyone. It's World AIDS Day Today. Remember those who are still living with this disease. Viruses don't discriminate.

(Rabbit-You are an inspiration to me in every respect. Keep kickin' virus butt, love!)


Micael Chadwick said...

And you, love, are a blessing. It's voices like yours that help further this fight and make it worthwhile. Silence still equals death - even if it is swept under the rug. Thank you shaking that rug out.

I love you.

Jotter Girl said...

Well said!

RD said...

anger is good...it took me a long time to realize that...losses have left me angry, but anger has made me sane

thank you


willfulresemblance said...

well said. I pointed out today everywhere I went, to everyone I talked with that it is World AIDS day and that I saw no recognition of it anywhere.

Brian Miller said...

sorry for your friend, proud of their strength and we do need a cure! AIDS is not a punishment...that was made up by the same people that bulldoze protestors before church on sunday...

mel said...



darev2005 said...

When some white christian kid gets it and dies from a blood transfusion, it's a tragedy and worthy of several hours of new broadcasts. When a homosexual or a drug user gets it and dies, it's gawds punishment. Religious lunatics are such hateful hypocrites!