Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Friday, December 30, 2011

Eat This

Little girls like
little birds
open pink mouths
and peep
because we need to eat
We need
someone's hands to feed us
to keep us and
You have to believe
the ones who feed you
and so you believe
You believe
what they feed
and they feed
and they squeeze
and they tease
You remember all the names
They say you're fat
and stupid
and worthless
They criticize
and minimize
they feed you lies
and you swallow their words
even though they burn
even though they hurt
And is it any wonder
that girls are dying
from eating disorders
that we stick our fingers
down our pink throats
and vomit up
the poison
that makes our stomachs churn
that we clamp our mouths closed
and finally say no
This body belongs to me
and I'd rather see it starve
than swallow the shit
that you give me
I'm hungry
but I can't eat from your hands
My mouth is sore
from trying to lick an empty spoon
to find sustenance
and getting a hand slapped
across my face
Told you're too needy
Too greedy
When really all I wanted
was someone to
feed me.

This is how it should be: Corrine Bailey Rae-Put Your Records On


Elisabeth said...

Powerful poem, Lola and so sad, and worryingly so true. In spite of all the pain, I hope you have a good New Year ahead.

Mynx said...

Friends of ours are supporting their daughter as she struggles with an eating disorder. It has turned their life upside down and isolated them socially as they focus on getting their beautiful daughter well.
Don't know what triggered it. She has always been an anxious child. They are loving parents. She has always been cared for. Perhaps her peers...

Beautiful poem.

Brian Miller said...

damn...this took a very serious turn...really well written and one i would love to hear read as it carries a message i think many need to hear...

happy new year!

Mary said...

Wow, this is a strong poem, Lolamouse. It made me sick to my stomach when I read it; as I think there are so many young people (and not so young) out there that feel that way. You are 100% right...eating is NOT just about food. Thank you for jamming with us at Poetry Jam.

Helen said...

This is one of my all time favorite CBR songs! Your poem is overwhelming, beautifully written.
Wishing you a good 2012, Mouse.

Taylor Boomer said...

hopefully, you will find someone to feed you.

Happy New Year.

Enchanted Oak said...

My daughter's word for songs and poems like this is "strong" ... referring to the personal strength it takes to say, "What I am is good."
I liked this, and cheer this part especially:
"This body belongs to me
and I'd rather see it starve
than swallow the shit
that you give me"

Peggy said...

A sad poem. It starts so innocently and builds a strong tension. Excellent. Write on!

Margaret said...

and you swallow their words
even though they burn

I must teach my children differently! Powerful message.

Anonymous said...

this hit me in the gut ~ powerful...painful...heartbreaking. your writing is amazing!

thank you for sharing at Poetry Jam.
dani ♥

nene said...

Wonderful and poignant piece, mi amiga!