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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sonnet For Living

For the last Friday Poetically, Brian has asked us to write a poem about an organization or cause that has meaning to us. This poem is about hospice, where I volunteer. It's a wonderful organization that assists individuals and families who are dealing with an incurable illness or injury. Hospice believes that people have the right to die pain-free and with dignity and ensures that families will receive the necessary support to allow patients to do so. They also provide bereavement services to grieving individuals and families. Go volunteer!
We need not fear to speak Death's name
She pays no heed to our affairs
For speaking of Death holds no blame
And doing so may ease our cares

We come together in our pain
With grief that one alone can't bear
And pray to feel some hope again
Our burdens lift when we can share

Remind us there is life to live
Although Death follows close behind
We each give all we have to give
To make this Hell a bit more kind

On journeys we can't understand
Sometimes it helps to hold a hand


darev2005 said...

Very well done. I'd never thought about Death being a woman before. In the past Death has always been portrayed as a man. But in the realm of hospice care it would be more peaceful and merciful so I guess it makes perfect sense.

Heaven said...

This is so beautiful... specially the last lines..

"On journeys we can't understand
Sometimes it helps to hold a hand"

Thanks for sharing this ~ great organization too!

Brian Miller said...

thank you for the service you give at Hospice...the death of a loved one can be such a hard time...as you saw on the FP post, we lost my wifes mother a couple years back...keep holding hands...

Bryce Daniels said...

Well-crafted verse for an exceptional cause.
I loved this poem. And the couplet was magnificent.

Thanks for sharing!

laurie kolp said...

Definitely one of my favorites...

Bryan M. White said...

My dad went into a hospice before he died. They were very nice there. There was one girl that cried when he died. I felt bad for her. She must have been new. I don't think I could take that on a regular basis. I don't know how they do it.

hedgewitch said...

Indeed, all too often people are stigmatized and avoided when hit with an incurable ailment. I've met several who said it was as if they were contagious. And a famous poet(or somebody) once said--"Nobody gets out of here alive"--so I think compassion and acceptance make a lot more sense. Your poem says all this and more, and good for you for living up to it with volunteer work.

Lolamouse said...

@darev2005: Ever since I read "Death With Interruptions," I've thought of Death as a female. Great book!

chromapoesy.com said...

Thank you for reminding me that death is all around us and within us (millions of our cells are dying each second). The symbolic deaths of thoughts, feelings, eras, friendships, and intimacies float at the peripheries of consciousness further reminding us that death is intertwined within each moment of our lives. The illusion that life and death are dualistic keeps us from understanding of the cyclical, integrated nature of our existence.

ayala said...

Thank you for all that you do. My mom passed away in hospice and the people there were just amazing.

Lynne said...

Beautiful poem to compliment a beautiful organization.. My Mother was in hospice a mere 48 hrs prior to her death.. to keep it short here, I will say she was in a loving beautiful place. As I lay beside her I knew she would have approved..

I am thinking of getting the bereavement counseling for myself..Blessed you are for volunteering..
Thank you

Fireblossom said...

^^^That's interesting.

Reflections said...

Not sure if last comment went through, it started a series of errors and not being able to do anything at all.

Fabulous cause. You all do amazing things, incredible at providing quality and dignity to those in their last days and hours.

nene said...

I wish to depart from this 'life' with the least amount of pain to myself and those that Love me. The least amount of sadness, Celebrating the many wonderful moments that my eyes have seen, my ears having been titalated with the many wonderous sounds of nature and music compositions, with the lovely warmth shared with my embraces and the syncrony of my heart beat with those for whom, if only for a moment, have shared a beat, a touch of Love.

Adam Hawthorne said...

Oh you're pretty fabulous!

How is it that I haven't encountered you before?

I've always thought death to be a woman too, just because more times than not I find death to be merciful and compassionate, and even comforting at times.

And I love that your evil twin has a blog, I have to go check that out next.

Jingle Poetry said...

you are such a brilliant soul, your poetry inspire.


If possible, you are invited to share your poetry with us tonight,
The linking is open now, come in any time.
Bless your talent.
Happy Monday.

dragonkatet said...

Thank you for bringing this organization to the attention of others in such a great way! I admire people like you who can do this important work. I don't know how you do it (I don't think I could - it would break my heart too much) but I'm so thankful that you and others like you can. It is a necessary service and not many people would be brave enough to write about it, let alone volunteer. Thank you!!