Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Quite Still Life

Little Girl In a Blue Armchair by Mary Cassatt
This is Miss Cassatt, Child
She has brought her paints
She's here to do your portrait so
There best be no complaints

Sit upon this wooden stool
Do not make a fuss
Be a little angel and
Do not embarrass us

But Mother, dear, this stool, I fear
Is really much too hard
I'm tired and I'm bored
I want to go play in the yard

Don't be so fresh! You listen now
Or else I'm going to scold
Get yourself up on that stool
And do just what you're told

Perhaps that big, blue armchair
Might be a better fit
I'll even let my doggie come
To be in your portrait

Okay, I'll try to sit still but
This dress, it makes me itch
It's stiff and hot and pokes me
I can feel its every stitch

Stop slouching, Child, you've wrinkled
Your lovely little dress
And get that pout off of your face
This portrait's such a mess!

submitted for Poetry Potluck 44, Painting Whispers, at Jingle Poetry


Brian Miller said...

haha...kids sitting for long periods of time to do a painting, i can not imagine...have a hard enough time with pics...

darev2005 said...

The expression on her face is just perfect. And her posture. So many things reflected there. Boredom and discomfort being on the top of the list. Even the little dog looks like it would rather be up playing. Loved the conversation.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Beautiful story told around an awesome painting. You've done this nicely.

MISH said...

I love the parent-child-conflict situation in this poem . It depicts the typical child-like reaction , when a child doesn't want to do something or wants to do it at her own pace !

Jingle said...

love this, the image and the words are soothing and beautiful.

Happy Potluck.
your entry rocks.

Pat Tillett said...

Torture! I totally understand and it hasn't changed at all through the years.
Very good!

Anonymous said...

oh so cute!

Anonymous said...

You have really captured this painting perfectly! I've never sit for a painting, a photograph is long enough for me lol

Anonymous said...

Very astute capture of the moment! The way the little girl is sitting reminds me of growing up and my grandmother would look with sad eyes at my little sister (very much a tomboy)and sigh "could you try to be a least a little bit of a lady?"