Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She's Just a Girl

She sits all alone
On a Saturday night
Listening to Tori
And cursing her fate
When did things get
So fucked up in her life
All that she wanted
Was one simple date

But wishing and wanting
Won't get her too far
She's run out of smokes
And the hour is late
Maybe she'll go drive
Around in her car
Maybe she'll drive off
The damn Golden Gate

She's just a girl
Who loves boys
Who love boys
She just can't help herself
They're what she craves
Their beautiful bodies
Will never be hers
As she watches them dancing
She throws back her drink
And she waves

Her dad says she's pretty
Her mom says she's smart
Her friends say she's funny
She knows that she's strong
So why does each night end
With running mascara
When she starts crying
From some stupid song?

Maybe she just needs
Someone to talk to
Maybe she just needs
A break
Maybe she just needs
To dye her hair darker
Maybe it's all
A mistake

She's just a girl
Who loves boys
Who love boys
She just can't help herself
They're what she craves
Their beautiful bodies
Will never be hers
As she watches them leaving
She orders one more
And waves.


Anonymous said...

always enjoy your creative work and if i was a guy (which i am) living close to the golden gate bridge (which i did) i would wait there to heroically stop you from driving off the bridge.

if after all that you still wanted to take the plunge i would say...why not, but let's leave the car for triple-a...holding hands for that "one more wave" would be more thelma and louise, bonnie and clydish...

Charlie Parant said...

I think whoever you are there are times in your life you can relate to this one...nicely worded

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

So her real problem is her poor taste in men - or, rather, boys.

✌Rabbit said...

I now have that old Blur song "Boys & Girls" stuck in my head!

Great piece this one!

Brian Miller said...

just looking for someone to love her...you are probably not surprised to know how common this is, esp in the kids that counsel...

dustus said...

Unrequited love from those who will most likely never be interested... ouch. No wonder the mascara runs at the end of the night. A very sad, honest, well written poem.

Jannie Funster said...

With a melody you have a fine, fine song here.

Yes, I think every one of us can relate to feeling like this at one time or another.

I liked the honesty in this a lot!


Anonymous said...

Agree with Charlie .. I can so relate to this .. but then I learned to put myself to better use .. like blogging :)

Good one !

Fireblossom said...

Poor sweetie. Fag hags need love, too. I hope she finds it!

Anonymous said...

The allure of the unattainable? This was a really lyrical piece..Enjoyed. Vb

Claudia said...

hmm yes - guess we're all looking for love and hope to find it in the most crazy places sometimes...one day mr. right will turn up...i like the restless pace in your poem...matches with the restlesness you describe

Henry Clemmons said...

Wouldn't know anything about it ... NOT. Great job.

trisha said...

very beautifully written. it touches the heart and one feels sad for the girl.


UmaAnandane said...

The poem tells about how a little girl yearns to be looked up by the opposite genders...well-written.

I feel that every humans on earth wanted to be appreciated for some beauty of theirs either physically or mentally and we are...yet the time and distance changes.

And for all parents ,their prince and princess is their son or daughter :):):) forever !

Anonymous said...

It happens... Poor girl! And a really good material to read!

Lena said...

Hey! Hey! This is my favourite PPR so far. Excellent insight into love. It happens. Nice to see it being literally catered for.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

if only each and everyone of us can find that light within, then no one would need to look for happiness somewhere else. your poem is beautiful and thought-provoking as well... as always. :)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing - how some of the "most worthy" are left unattached ... is it maturity? is it misunderstanding? it she/he intimidating? ... ?? ... ?? ... ??

Nicely done!!! I believe many of us can relate to some part of this from times in our younger lives!!

k2king said...

I found your poem quirky and pleasant. Reminded me of a song. Maybe you write lyrics? I think that we've all started crying after hearing a certain song. Good observation.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem! I just spent 9 days surrounded by beautiful gay men and I so no what you are feeling. Good luck to you, I am sure you are beautiful.

WyomingDiva said...

Even in a relationship, I can identify with this one, esp. the line "She just can't help herself
They're what she craves." Well written.

Anonymous said...

Looking for love in all the wrong places perhaps? This is a sad tale of love or the lack of.

Paul Mullin said...

One of those classic subjects, but an interesting twist on it. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Every young woman has felt this entirely! So well done!