Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Day Headaches

Twas the day of my wedding
I awoke with a pain
"Oh no!" I thought groaning
Another migraine

I tried drinking coffee
I tried potions and pills
But nothing would help me
Get rid of my ills

Though I still felt
Nauseated and pale
I went to the hotel
With dress and my veil

I began to get ready
To marry my groom
When my mother and grandma
Burst into the room

"Why haven't you showered?
You're going to be late?!!
We'd have gotten here sooner,
But she made me wait!"

"Don't listen to Mother.
That's not the truth, dear.
I've waited for this day,
I ran to be here!"

She took my hands and said
"When I was a girl..."
She proceeded in Yiddish
I tried not to hurl

My mom interrupted
They started to bicker
My headache got worse
I felt sicker and sicker

"That's it, you two!
I can't take any more!
Get out of my room-
There is the door!"

My mom said "But dear,
Your hair's still a mess!
We're here to help.
We can button your dress."

"Thanks but my hair's done.
You just make me nervous.
Leave me alone.
I'll see you at the service."

In the hall, they still argued
But I smiled with glee
For when they left the room
My headache left me!


Fireblossom said...

LOL, move over Excedrin, their departure works just fine!

Rachel Hoyt said...

LOL. Awesome story! You were such a smart bride to realize where the headache was coming from so you could de-stress and enjoy your day! Thanks for participating in the Smiley Sociology Study. :)

Christine said...

Have to remember this one, if I am ever the Mother of the bride.

Andy said...

Laughing...what a delightful read!
Thanks for sharing.