Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Answers!!! To What?

Last Tuesday I posted 6 truths and 1 lie about myself to fulfill the requirement of the Stylish Blogger Award so graciously given to me by the Goddess of Awesome Poetry Fireblossom.  You had to guess which was the lie. So many guesses, and I don't think anyone got it right! So, here are the answers:
  1. I sucked my thumb until at least the age of 12. This one is true. I wore braces for an overbite caused by this habit. I bite my nails. I chew gum. What can I say. Orally fixated.
  2. I have never smoked. Also true. Both of my parents smoked, and my brother and I hated it. Our house reeked. Our clothes reeked. We couldn't breath in the car because they smoked with the windows closed. It was smelly and disgusting. Great way to dissuade a kid from smoking!
  3. I once had a story published in Playgirl magazine under the pseudonym "Lola." This is true, folks! During freshman year of college, my friends and I were joking that we thought the readers' stories in Playgirl were made up and we thought we could do better. We started a story about a coed named "Lola." I wrote most of it and finished it without their knowledge during the summer. To our shock, it was published in an issue in 1984. I lost the magazine during one of my moves and don't remember the month.
  4. One of my good friends from high school is a Tony Award nominee. Yes, indeed! During high school, I was good friends with Brad Oscar. Brad has been performing since he was young, and has been in numerous productions on Broadway, in theater, and in movies. He received a Tony Award nomination for his performance as Franz Liebkind in the Producers and later took over Nathan Lane's role as Max Bialystock.
 My buddy Brad!!!

5. At this time I have bright fuchsia (Power to the Resistance, Doug!) strands of hair. Yep. Just a few strands on the side of my mousy head are bright fuchsia. Pink is my fav color, and it was a fundraiser for the Walk for the Cure, so I had an extra good excuse to do it. I actually love it.

6. I have had some of my poems published. FALSE!!! No one guessed this one. Maybe you all were being too nice to say so. I've submitted a few here and there but no bites. Oh well. Most people don't write poetry to get rich!

7. I worked for one day as a telemarketer. I shudder to say so. This was supposed to be my first paying job. I made it through the training day where they weeded out about half of the applicants. I was supposed to sell credit card insurance over the phone. I was very good at it and was offered the opportunity to come back the next day to begin. The fact that I could do this so well unnerved me, and I never went back. I signed on as a camp counselor for emotionally disturbed kids at a whopping $1.11 an hour. I had to take 2 buses there and back as well as walk a few blocks. It was worth it-I saved my soul.


    Christine said...

    That really wasn't fair. How could no one publish your poetry. Perhaps your old friend Brad Oscar has connections?

    Fireblossom said...

    You did such a cool job with this, Lolamouse!