Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Friday, February 18, 2011


image from lifeisacookie
Downtown Baltimore
Homeless man sleeps on concrete
His blanket, the Sun

Snaky hair, don't look!
That yellowed newsprint, age or...?
Smell of sweat and beer

Rusted chain link fence
Claims paper stolen by wind
To join the debris

submitted for Haiku Challenge, Day 19


Anonymous said...

sad state indeed...living like this :(


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

sad reality check.
well done.

Mike Patrick said...

The debris of the inner city. It is a shame we have human debris.

Nanka said...

Sad condition! Touching topic for the prompt!

trisha said...

this was heart-breaking. well written poem.


Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

Thanks! I see this in my reveries and it's constant in my mind while dreaming as i sleep.

Cloaked Monk said...

Wonderful! I love it. (Of course, I also tend towards issue statements.) Perfect.


sonsylass said...

fab - u - lous!

Someone is Special said...

Nice Package of Haiku.. Thanks..

Someone is Special