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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Star Is Born (a fishy parable)

source image from Mike Shaw Photography
via Rabbit's Den

Once upon a time there lived deep within a lake a family of trout.  In this family were a Mother trout, a Father trout, 2 small Brother trout, and an older Sister trout named Estrella. They were a happy family and especially lucky, as Estrella had a talent few other trout could rival.  She was a magnificent dancer! While most trout could flap their fins and swish their tails with enough functionality to propel them through the lake, Estrella made swimming into art. To watch her swim was to behold beauty. This exceptional talent made Estella's family quite happy, as they loved to spend afternoons watching her perform her little fishy dances.  They would clap and praise their little fry with beaming fish faces.

This was not enough for Estrella, however. She coveted more attention, more praise. Soon, word got around the lake about the talented trout. Fish swam in from miles around the lake to see Estrella's moves. She loved performing for her new fans as they clapped their fins in appreciation. Estrella's happiness did not last long, however. She soon grew bored and restless again. "This lake is not big enough to contain my talent and beauty!" she complained. "I need a larger stage to shine!"

Mother trout and Father trout tried to talk some sense into their egotistical daughter. "Honey, we were born in this lake, and unless we evolve to grow legs, in this lake we must stay."
"Well, it's just not fair!" cried Estrella. "I can't be a star here! I'm being stifled! I want to be a star!"

Well, it just so happened that a mischievous Jellyfish genie overheard Estrella's outburst. When the other fish were asleep, he jiggled up to Estrella and said, "I heard what you said before and I agree! You are too beautiful and too talented to be in this tiny lake with these awful fish! You should be a star!"
"Oh, yes, you understand!" said the prideful Estrella.
"Of course! I am a genie. I will grant you your wish. Just tell me what you want."
Without hesitation, Estrella exclaimed, "I want to be a star and to be the most beautiful thing for miles around!"
"So be it!" said the genie Jellyfish.
And with that, he waved a tentacle and Estrella's world changed forever. She found herself all alone on an isolated beach. There was no one for miles around. She felt strange. When she looked down at herself, she saw that she had five legs! She was a sea star! And she was starting to feel very thirsty...


Several months later...

Two fish were reminiscing about their childhoods.
"Hey, do you remember that trout who used to be such a  good dancer? What was her name?"
"Oh yes, Estrella! I believe she did become a star, but now she's all washed up."


Bryan White said...

I'm hungry for fish now.

Nice post. I like a good back-firing wish story.

Crayotic Ramblings said...

This is absolutely brilliant! I would have never expected this when I posted that prompt. You're the best!

Corvus Ven said...

wow. that took a lot of imagination. kudos!