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Monday, August 1, 2011

Baltimore, Late July

photo by DJOtaku
Every year in late July/early August, Baltimore is home to Otakon, a weekend convention of anime fans from across the US and abroad. Thousands of "otaku" flood the Convention Center for a weekend of panels, role playing, interviews, video premiers, and meeting fellow fans.
photos by greenijo

What strange sort of creatures invaded this city?
They're causing us quite an alarm
Some are quite scary, while others are pretty
I hope that they mean us no harm!

We came to the harbor to visit the fish
to take in the views from the pier
but now we're beginning to wonder and wish
about getting the heck out of here!

We expected some birds-Orioles and a raven
but what greeted us gave us a shock-
Weirdos with weapons who made us feel craven
and costumes more fit for the "Block!"*

We really just wanted a quiet vacation
We wanted our lives to be calmer
but we landed in some neon, gothic space station-
Oh why did we go visit Balmer?

* an area of downtown Baltimore that is known for strip clubs and prostitution


Christine said...

Thanks for the warning.

Brian Miller said...

haha...how did i miss this when i lived in baltimore...i so missed out....

Fireblossom said...


M. A. S. said...

That was fun. But maybe you can be a little more accepting. Growing up in New Orleans (even though they don't have annual events like this), I think I consider all behavior/dress/activity as pretty much normal. Mardi Gras (as I remember it from long ago) was a hell of a time.

Lolamouse said...

@M.A.S. Actually, I LOVE Otakon. My daughter attends every year. This year I let her go with friends, but previously, I went with her (although not in costume, at the insistence of my daughter.) The people are always friendly, the costumes are incredibly creative,and it's great for people watching. The poem was written tongue-in-cheek as if I were a tourist who had no idea what was going on (which often occurs.)

M. A. S. said...

Hope you got my email, Mouse. I can tell by the way the you wrote the poem and the pictures you included that you actually don't have any issues with Otakon. What you couldn't tell by my crude response was that it was meant to be taken with a wink and a nod. I know the poem wasn't written from your point of view.

Maybe I'll write a poem about forgiveness...

darev2005 said...

The Watcher and I attended a 'Con a few months ago. He'd never been and I hadn't since back when they were mostly for "Trekkies". Which shows the difference in our ages. It was great fun but we were both made a little uncomfortable by the age of some of the attendees and how revealing their costumes were. We have vowed to cosplay up for the next one so we won't stand out so bad in the crowd.

Lolamouse said...

@ M.A.S. Big DUH on my part! (slaps self on forehead) The Queen of Sarcasm missed the wink and nod in your comment. Blame fatigue from driving the daughter back and forth to Baltimore for said convention twice this past weekend! Sorry.