Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pink Washing

Or should I say, "Well-Komen"?!!
We at the Komen Foundation are so happy
to introduce Lake Komen,
the very first lake dedicated to breast cancer research!
Yes, it's even pink!
The Komen Foundation was able to purchase this lake
with generous contributions from folks like you!
And we vow to dedicate
a significant* percentage of tourism profits
back into breast cancer research and treatment

Come bath in the pinkness
and allow the wellness to seep into your body**
Drink our rosy elixir
and feel your health improve**
We even offer Lake Komen water in bottles
for you to take home for yourself
or to give as gifts

At Lake Komen we offer
you a choice-
group swims or individual bathing
(pink towel and swim cap included!)
Do something good for yourself,
good for the fight against breast cancer,
and good for the economy*** as well!
Visit Lake Komen today
At first blush, it's just a pink lake
but really, it's so much more!

*amount to be determined at a later date but not to exceed 0.04 of net profits
**statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
***our CEOs

submitted (albeit VERY late) for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads , Transforming Friday, Nature's Wonders

Watch this 2 minute video and be enlightened!


Anonymous said...

I think this qualifies as dark humor. dark pink, or "dank" when combined. or is that park? pank? dink? anyways - yeah. love those "non profits" ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Your tongue-in-cheek take on scam advertising is right on point, LM.

hedgewitch said...

There is a commercial I hate right now, that uses a little bald girl to sell Subarus--this reminds me of that with its 0.04 of net profits. Thanks for your visit, LM, and a happy holiday season to you and yours.