Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Sunday, September 8, 2013

No Phoenix

inkblot by lolamouse

You love the exits
Dramatic flair
I have to watch them
Pretend I care
I’m tired of playing
the audience
Waiting for the
Next big entrance

You are no Phoenix
You’ve just been burned
You lie in ashes
The pain unearned
So brush yourself off
It’s time you learned
There is no rebirth
Though you may yearn

The star performer
And now I see
You love your mirror
Much more than me
So take your bow and
Walk off the stage
Proselytes waiting
You’re all the rage

But you’re no martyr
You have no cause
You show your scars off
To gain applause
You claim redemption 
but that's untrue
There is no savior
There's only you

You are no Jesus
You’re just a man
Bloody and beaten
Please understand
This ground's not sacred
Not holy land
No Second Coming
No God's command

You are no Jesus
And I’m no whore
You cannot save me
Not any more
You are no king so
Get off your throne
You want to suffer


Kerry O'Connor said...

Wow! This is an amazingly conceived poem, LM, and so pertinent to the many megalomaniacs the world is subject to on any given day.
'You are no Jesus You’re just a man'

Margaret said...

I saw Jesus's image here as well! His face, up-stretched arms... the red "saint-like" thing on his head (do you see that too?) Anyway, too many great lines to repeat... I just loved this.

Crayotic Ramblings said...


Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, Ms Doctor.
I agree with Margaret, too many good lines to choose from.

Jinksy said...

That pulled no punches! :)

Hannah said...

I see what Margaret describes and I agree with Kerry and I think you wrote this powerfully well. Great work...great challenge...thank you!

Ella said...

Hell hath fury-whoa!
YOU brought Dr. Mouse-so many great lines!
I love your direction and cheer your bravado!

humbird said...

What a dramatic expression! I hear it and feel for you! Blessings :)x

Maude Lynn said...

Outstanding, Dr. Mouse!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I especially love "you love your mirror much more than me" and "you want to suffer - suffer alone". Wowzers - wickedly good!

Helen said...

First, thank you for a most intriguing challenge. (I see Satin's head at the top of the ink blot, horns and all ~~~ how would you interpret that, good doctor?)

Anonymous said...

This is powerful! Intense and just wow!!!

The new prompt is up =)

Panchali said...

Wow...that was fiery and beautiful!! Thanks for the wonderful challenge!

hedgewitch said...

Interesting that Margaret saw Jesus and I saw Satan! I like your phoenix better--and I like your attitude and laying down of the way it is here, both in a meta way, and also for that Certain Someone who desperately requires a strong dose of truth. Loved your prompt, too, LM. Thanks.

TCPC said...

Reality bites!and so does this piece. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

straight punch, LM.