Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oy! sters

Boogers in shells
Slimy wads of grey snot
Glistening gobs of gooey guck
Slippery slide down my throat makes me gag
Aphrodisiac my fat ass!
Some things I won't swallow
Squishy, salty


Grace said...

Like the allit and play of sounds here LM specially glistening gobs of oggin guck ~ I tried this once and its yummy, ha ~

Lovely form and thanks for playing along ~

Fireblossom said...

Um...how about oyster crackers?

You're such a finicky eater, Lolamouse!

Mary said...

I ate an oyster once at a seafood buffet. When someone told me what it was, oh my.......truly made me gag!

Marian said...


Brian Miller said...

ha. sorry i like them...lol...nice delivery of this one though...smiles

Peggy said...

LOL you reflect my feeling about eating oysters precisely! You have the cutest darn pictures of mice by the way!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I've never tried raw oysters from the shell, and now I never will.

Janine Bollée said...

I know.
sort of the Emperor's new clothes myth.
You certainly have your s-words pat :-)

Jinksy said...

I've never come face to face with an oyster, and your words make me thankful! LOL

Kay L. Davies said...

LOL, Ms Mouse, but I sure can relate. I spent most of my life living on the west coast, but I've never been able to eat a raw oyster.
I see from the accompanying picture that blue nails and lips are either a necessity for, or a result of, consuming the ghastly goo.
Ugh. Well done.

Helen said...

I am with you 100% .. my kids love them, what gives? Great little rictameter.

Akila said...

loved the word play!

not displayed said...

Not a fan of oysters at all. And I am pretty sure you captured the experience of eating one perfectly. I just dont plan to check

Anonymous said...

lol I can eat mussels if they have a spicy mustard sauce but its still like chewing on a tongue which is disturbing but oysters I just can't wrap my palate around yet. Fabulous =)