Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Persephone's Pets

For those of you who don't have the good fortune to live in an area that's being visited by Brood II of the 17 year cicadas, here are some pictures of recent visitors to our back yard. 

showing off his (her?) cool new wings

Cicadas emerge
Seventeen years underground
Reborn in the spring
Useless husks traded for wings
and a brief taste of the air

hatched cicada and empty cicada shells


Brian Miller said...

oy was in baltimore during an infestation/invasion whatever you want to call it...they would ping off the buildings and crunch under foot all day...

Vandana Sharma said...

Lovely pics and lovely lines:)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Nothing says Summer like cicadas.

Crayotic Ramblings said...

When I was little, we used to collect the husks after they had hatched. As weird as it sounds this boogers make me nostalgic... They remind me of simpler times, I guess, when my little sister was still living. Funny the things that remind us of things.