Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Your voice floats on the air
like the heat
of a Georgia summer
You are Spanish moss
You are night sweat
Your memory clings to me and I
become lost
in all that is you
I want to lay my cheek
on the pillow of your lips
I want to feel your breath
on my neck like a warm zephyr
I want to swim in the mysteries
of your eyes
and never rise for air.

submitted for Poetry Pantry 126 at Poets United and


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very lovely! "I want to swim in the mysteries of your eyes" - just beautiful.

Mary said...

Whew, this is wonderfully romantic and sensual. Love it.

Unknown said...

Loved it!

Brian Miller said...

I want to lay my cheek
on the pillow of your lips...and swim in the mysteries of your eyes...a magical bit of sensuality there...

Kerry O'Connor said...

Some singers have the ability to really make a connection with their listeners.

Sabio Lantz said...

"Heat of Georgia summer"
"night sweat"

Images I would never associate with a lover
Maybe I need to live in Georgia sometime !

Brother Ollie said...

cool poem - felt like I was in a garden. dig the tune too -

Unknown said...

Your strong use of similes makes this piece more than evocative. Nicely done.

Laura said...

"I want to lay my cheek
on the pillow of your lips" oh yeah!

Sreeja said...

Very beautiful!

Sabio Lantz said...

I just watched the video -- very cool voice -- thanx for sharing

Hannah Pratt said...

Wow, I must say this is amazing.

Ella said...

Beautiful...such a wonderful, enchanting poem :D

Anonymous said...

Sultry, sensual, and sublime. We've all heard "I want to swim in your eyes," but it really fits here, because it's the mystery you're speaking of... lovely, lovely, and HOT! Peace, Amy