Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Monday, November 28, 2011

Love In Vermilion

photo: Christine Donnier-Valentin
You loved me once
I held you in my arms
You lay your head against me 
and dreamt
Now I'm trash
fit for the alley rats and junkies
an embarrassment
You used to revel in my riot of red
We danced so hard, boy
the springs broke
and you laughed
Does she let you do those things
to her?
When did your life turn beige?
Look out your window
Can you hear me singing?
It's raining
and my vermilion is washing into the street
Please bring me back inside.

submitted for Magpie Tales, 93


Hey Monkey Butt said...

I love this :) I tweeted you my email address also.. I've no idea how to add an email link on my blog, lolz. lovely poem! :)

Brian Miller said...

aww...given up for a beige....how mundane is that...sad to see vermillion running in the street

Anonymous said...

When did your life turn beige?

I love that line, its applicable to so many of us who used to be daring but now play safe.

Wonderful read


I really like this line:
"You used to revel in my riot of red"

And then:
"When did your life turn beige?"

I enjoyed the contrasting lives.

Maggie said...

Aaw. This is sad. Beige sucks.

Jinksy said...

Beige was never my favourite colour...but I'd like to hear you singing!

Helen said...

Vermillion ... one of my favorite colors. It took on a new meaning with your poem ... nice!

nene said...

Cute. Couched the memories of mine and it's many spring breaking experiences.

How's your friend Micael(Rabbit)?

Fireblossom said...

Aw...us scarlet chicks need to stick together!

ds said...

"When did your life turn beige?" Wonderful take. Thank you.

Doctor FTSE said...

DHS advertising works then? Love the poem.

not displayed said...

Nooooo not beige. I have a new red couch and I love it. There is way too much beige in my life already.

Love this. So whimsical

kaykuala said...

Hear my plea, the rain's washing me out. The cry of the downtrodden often left to deaf ears. Great verse!


Lyn said...

"When did your life turn beige"? Gave me a chill..strong..

JustRex said...

I have left a long string of broken springs and deflated cushions behind me. But at least I always made sure they went to a good home when I was done with them.

Jotter Girl said...

I love how your relate these photos to life. This one and the last Magpie are spot on for me.

Intelliblog said...

Beautiful take on this Magpie! The red turns to beige, vermillion youth to middle age and all of its attendant beige misfortunes...

Mimi Foxmorton said...

So beautiful.........
(and I love the use of vermillion!)

Anonymous said...

i like that the sofa can still sing in the rain