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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For Seaside Heights

The Heights was brought to its knees
The Jet crashed into the sea
No flumes could contain the tides
The land has drowned
Fire burns on water
Sand buries the dead

wander splintered boards
searching for their lost homes
Carousel horses
ripped loose from their moorings
stampede down the streets
wild and spooked
Like a forgotten ferris wheel
minds whirl out memories
spinning round and round 
with nowhere to go.

Hope everyone is faring OK after Sandy. We're fine here but my mother-in-law had to evacuate her home in Lavallette, NJ and has no idea if it's still standing or not. Lavallette is right down the road from Seaside Heights, which, you may have seen on the news, is completely devastated. Our family has been going to the boardwalk there for years, so it's been very eerie and sad.
Seaside Height Amusement park is in ruins after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, Oct. 30, 2012.
Courtesy Tim Husar and Jan Humphreys
Jet Star roller coaster hanging into the Atlantic Ocean in NJ (via NBC4)


Brian Miller said...

wow crazy pics...saw some of the roller coaster out int he water...how sad...i hope all is well with her house...above all i am glad they are safe you know....ugh...what a storm....lots of healing and rebuilding to do now...

Libby Meador said...

These photos remind me of the scars of devastation along the Gulf Coast. . . I wanted to thank you. I am new to both perusing and publishing blogs and your site has been a pleasurable and instructive introduction for me. If you must know why I clicked on your site out of so many to choose from, well, it was the name. You'll see a rat in my beginner's blog; you won't see the rat-pee stain on the back of my shirt, however.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It has been heartbreaking watching a disaster of this magnitude. I am glad you are all safe, but worry your parents' home may have been lost. How terrible this all has been. I'm glad you posted the photos. We need to keep this area in the forefront of our minds, as the news channels go on to other stories.

Margaret said...

Wow... those photos leave me speechless! Man really is no match for mother nature.... How terrible to loose a home, but a life is far more important. Keep us informed.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Always love your words.


darev2005 said...

If it would have just taken the Kardashians and left everyone else alone, Sandy would be considered a hero!

Sad pics of the boardwalk. Always heartbreaking to see fun places destroyed like that.