Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Story of Lorelei Lolita Liscoe

Just before stepping out
on her big date, Lorelei Lolita Liscoe discovered
the perfect combination of
powders and
to make her feel
just right.
The only problem she couldn't tweak away
was an annoying
pink mouse
in her peripheral vision
that wagged its finger at her
as if she were a naughty toddler who
stole a cookie.
She decided she could live
with this minor side-effect.

in her haste to apply make-up and perfume
for her big date
Lorelei Lolita Liscoe forgot
to write down the recipe for her potion.
This truly presented a predicament for
the date went smashingly
and a second was planned
for the following Friday.

Lorelei Lolita Liscoe was not a woman
to panic.
She had earned her Girl Scout Gold Award
with badges in
chemistry and
herbaceous healing.
She would duplicate the formula
before her next date.
Attempt number one was not
so great:
uncontrollable sneezing
intermittent aphasia
earlobe dysplasia.
Try number two
would not do:
crying jags and
itchy elbows

on her third try
Lorelei Lolita Liscoe believed 
she had her nostrum
This pleased her for several reasons:
1. Her date was that night
2. She was beginning to worry she wouldn't feel just right ever again
3. Her intake of pills, pot, powders, and potables that week had exceeded anything she had ever previously experienced and
4. She was starting to feel a tad strange.
Just before stepping out
on her second big date, Lorelei Lolita Liscoe downed
her elixir.
In her peripheral vision was
an annoying
pink mouse
lying in a bed made from
hair and eyelashes. It was
wagging its finger.

The Liscoe family decided to hold
an open casket funeral, saying
she seemed so lovely and so peaceful.
The mourners at the viewing of
Lorelei Lolita Liscoe all agreed that
she looked
just right.

submitted for Poetry Jam, Drug Induced


Christine said...

terrific alliteration through out this piece, fun to read, although sad for the ending

Fireblossom said...

Ear lobe dysplasia??? You're killin me here.

I spent ten years of my life trying to duplicate that perfect high and get it just right, so Lorelei is my soul sista.

Brian Miller said...

wonderful storytelling...for me it highlights how far we will go to find something that if we really looked, could find inside ourselves...

darev2005 said...

Earlobe dysplasia.

Hee hee hee! Love it.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Interesting poem Very clever and funny. Drug is not funny.


Jinksy said...

Earlobe dysplasia got to me too! A fun piece with much to satisfy the poetic soul. Thanks. ♥

Dave King said...

Inspired - the pink mouse! Brilliant!

Anna :o] said...

Brilliant stuff

Anna :o]

The Cello Strings said...

what a detailed tale, you make it real and beautiful.