Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Passover Blessing

We remember
Our lives as slaves
Long  ago  in Egypt
Eat unleavened bread
to   commemorate
the    Exodus
And we pray
for others
to be

 Ba ruch 
 A  t a h 
 Ad o nai 
 M e lech 
a s h e  r 
 kid 'shanu
v ' tzivanu
 l '  had lik
neir  shel
Yom Tov 
Art Thou
O,   Lord
Our  God
King of the
Uni v erse
Who  Hast
Us to kindle
the light of 
the holiday

submitted for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, Mini Challenge for Easter Sunday


Susie Clevenger said...

Beautiful in meaning and presentation.

Sumana Roy said...

so beautiful to look and read...

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

looks fine feels silky and peaceful-a deeply effective prayer poem

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Really well done! Such beautiful music here. k.

Kerry O'Connor said...

And so to the origins of this yearly festival. Very appropriate. I love the thin candle of words and the words themselves, resonate with antiquity.

Gillena Cox said...

there is light in your words too; have a happy season of Easter

much love...


hedgewitch said...

I have to echo Susie and Kerry and everyone else--both presentation and history are so well done and so sincere. I tried to do a skinny candle like that but it was a miserable failure--really nicely done, LM.

Margaret said...

The language, the curvaceous candle, all of it is splendid