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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jewish Christmas Haiku

Oy vey, it's Christmas!
Let's do a movie and then
We'll get some Chinese!

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Grace said...

Sure ~ Merry Christmas to you ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Ah, well...In truth Christmas is something of a trial for those of us who do not practice religion at all. I see it as a family tradition, and it pleases me to give my loved ones gifts.

Marian said...

hah, yes. i've been seing some meme going around Facebook, supposedly from Chinese restauranteurs thanking Jewish families for their holiday patronage. truthy funny. i approve of seeing movies on holidays! we saw The Hobbit on Christmas Eve... how festive! happy holidays to you, Mouse. xoxo

Gillena Cox said...

*•. ¸*•.¸*•.¸*•. *•.¸ ¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*
*... *...*...*░ HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!░* * *...*...*
¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* *•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•

Brian Miller said...

hey i would be down with chinese...any time...any holiday...smiles.

Anonymous said...

well, many of my Jewish friends celebrate Christmas with the traditional bacon-wrapped ham. :) ~

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

Oooh, Bacon wrapped ham. Yum!!!
Enchilads con pollo y aros.

we need to have a reminder* (holiday) every middle of the week named something other than 'hump day' to celebrate 'giving'.

Fireblossom said...

Haiku must be destroyed.

Kay L. Davies said...

How about a haiku help line? You ask for help in five syllables. The haiku-helper responds in seven, leaving you five more with which to thank you, you have turned my life around, I am now more proficient at haiku than my friend Fireblossom.
You could have it on Wednesdays, those of you working 5-day weeks. Grandmotherly retired ladies should be able to phone any time, day or night, seven days a week.

BB said...

My step-daughter-in-law is Jewish (practicing) and they celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in their house. He agreed to celebrate her holiday as long as he could still celebrate his. The only concession...no Christmas tree!

Margaret said...

Ah… the "Jewish" poem cracked me up!