Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Family Circus

The circus is in town!
Look! You have tickets!
No, you may not return them-
Attendance is mandatory so
Pack the family in the car and

We know the show is supposed to start at two
We can all read a clock
But some of our best performers are running a bit late
We wouldn't want to begin without them

I will be your Master of Ceremonies
Please take a seat
No, not there
Let's begin the show!
For God's sake, try to look like you're ENJOYING yourself!

I know that the magician isn't on the program
I invited him myself
His act hasn't fared well lately so please
Make him feel WELCOME!

Here comes the lion tamer!
Don't you LOVE this part of the show?
A whip and chair versus
Fangs and claws
Will either emerge unscathed?

Too MESSY for you?
Well, here comes the clown to lighten the mood!
Don't be a killjoy-
A little wine never hurt anyone!
Yes, we all know the elephant is sad
She tries to be entertaining but
She's just so BIG!
I'm always afraid she'll crush something
or someone!
No, we can't leave her out-
She's part of the show!

What's wrong?
Don't you like the concessions?
Well, you've hardly touched your popcorn!
And we roasted the peanuts just for you!
But don't feel OBLIGATED or anything.

Look up there!
The tightrope walker thinks she's above it all!
It's a fine line 
between up there and down here, sister!
Don't get shaky--
You just may FALL!

The show is over already!
Applause, applause!
Drive safely, folks and
We'll see you all here NEXT YEAR!!! 



Brian Miller said...

ha....i think i have most of them in my family...smiles....holidays def bring out the family you never see any other time....or maybe that is just my family...

Helena said...

May not celebrate thanksgiving as such, but boy can I relate to it!

ps....love that bottom badge! heh heh

Mary said...

Ha, I love this. It gave me the smile I needed tonight. Ya, the whip and a chair versus Fangs and claws. Fun, huh? And yes, the clown with his wine. There definitely is an interesting cast of characters in EVERY family circus. Agreed.

not displayed said...

We might not have Thanksgiving but I have certainly had this circus at my Christmas Table

Fireblossom said...

Your hilarious poem with the cleverly drawn attendees makes me realize that there ARE advantages to being the queer family member with the standing disinvitation. "dear Lord, we thank You that Shay didn't crash this meal and corrupt the children! Amen."

JustRex said...

The perfect analogy of almost any family gathering. It sounds like you were at my grandparents house! (grin)

Helen said...

... and a rollicking good time was had by all? This poem is pure fun!

Peggy said...

Ah yes, the family circus. How appropriate as Thanksgiving nears!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you enjoy the circus just about as much as i do, Sheri!

fabulous take on the prompt!

thanks for joining in at Poetry Jam!

and Happy Thanksgiving! {giggle}