Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Monday, June 27, 2011


photo courtesy of Magpie Tales

Baby Girl wear her butterfly wings for Halloween
She soar 'round the house pretending to fly
Baby Girl say, "I'ma fly for real one day!"
Baby Girl's Daddy laugh real loud. Say,
"You too precious to fly, Sugar
You Daddy's little doll
Fly too high,
you break
like a fine
Baby Girl
 pout her lips
and scrunch up her face
Baby Girl go tell her Mama
"I'ma fly for real one day, Mama!"
Mama grin but look like she smell somethin' off
She say, "Don't be talking crazy. You too fat to fly
even if you had wings. Imagine, a butterball like you!"
Mama's words stung like steppin' ona nest a yella jackets
Baby Girl blink her eyes buncha times then but she don't cry

She be thinking'
She be schemin'
Baby Girl go 'bout her business but she always on the lookout
She be collectin' what she need for her potion:

first mornin' dewdrops
hurricane winds and
dragonfly wings

angel trumpet blooms
tears from a broken hearted girl and

silk from a spider's web
a sigh from the laziest afternoon in June
and in a glass cannin' jar, 'stead of pole beans,
the perfect note
from the love song
of a white throated sparra'

Take Baby Girl long time to collect everthing
But Baby Girl, she long on patience 'cause
You got to fix a potion jus' right and
 Baby Girl, she wanna be jus' right
Then one clear summer night
when the moon be bright
and the sky be dark
as molasses
Baby Girl
she be gone
Her Daddy don't say
nothin' but make tight fists
with his big hands. Her Mama
cry and cry. Say, "How could she
leave like this?" Slip a paper on Baby Girl's
pillow.  It read, "You don't need wings to fly."

submitted for Magpie Tales, 70


Sherry Blue Sky said...

THIS is BRILLIANT. I so love this poem, the look of it on the page, the rhythm, the way the words roll through my mind and most of all the story with its wonderful message at the end. A truly wonderful read.

Micael "Rabbit" Chadwick said...

You certainly don't.

This. Is. Tremendous.

Fireblossom said...

I love this, and the voice in this.

So, are you back New Jerseydevil Land?

Brian Miller said...

smiles. this is lovely storytelling...and inside i am sheering her for her wisdom and her freedom...

Reflections said...

Beautifully shared... and no, you don;t need wings to fly... smiles.

Brent Wescott said...

This is really great. Great voice, look, language, theme. I want to use it in my classroom just cause it's awesome.

It Just Got Interesting

120 Socks said...

You dragged me in for sure, got all emotional about baby girl and horrible parents - then the killer line at the end - you don't need wings to fly - one of d best Magpie's ever in my humble opinion!

nene said...

You caught me in your web. Wonderful silken web you weave.

Dave King said...

A wonderful romp through a land I was loathe to leave.

darev2005 said...

Holy snap. That one doesn't just whack you in the head like a ball peen hammer. It chases you around the room and whacks you repeatedly like an angry mom with a flyswatter. That was freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! It makes me so sad when people tease their kids about being fat. Love the last line

Helen said...

How wonderful is this Magpie? Everyone knows the answer to that question ...........

Lena said...

Hey! Hey! OMG! This is absolutely fantastic! I'ma
gonna be rereading this one for a while to come!

Mary said...

Lolamouse, this is inspired! I love everything from the dialect to the arrangement to the story. You rock!

Sue J said...

I really, really enjoyed reading this. Wonderful!

Jinksy said...

A sad tale...

Sue J said...

Excellent! Most enjoyable.

Bee's Blog said...

A fantastic read. Incredibly imaginative.