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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Picasso Dreams

Faun, Horse, and Bird, 1936
Pablo Picasso
They came to me in a dream last night-
a horse, a bird, and a faun
There soon commenced an awful fight
that lasted until dawn
The horse accused the bird of theft
He cried, "You took my feathers!
And now I cannot lift my heft;
my hooves to ground are tethered!"
The bird replied, "Well, look at me!
I was the king of kings!
I used to have fierce claws, you see
not just two fragile wings!"
The faun then sighed, "I've had enough!
This fighting is absurd!
So you believe you've got it rough,
friend Horse and Mister Bird?
You used to be a Pegasus
and you a Gryphon strong?
I think you have it better now;
your attitude is wrong."
The horse then said derisively,
"What do you know of me?"
The bird next spoke decisively,
"With horse I must agree!"
 The faun said, "Think about your state
You each have but one soul
A horse or bird may be your fate,
but each of you is whole.
I do not know just who I am
I always feel amiss
When half a goat and half a man,
I'm that and then I'm this."
The horse and bird considered what
 the faun had just confessed
"We've been such fools complaining but
we now know we are blessed."
As I awoke from dreamy sleep,
I thought of what I'd heard
I learned a truth that I would keep
from a faun, a horse, and a bird.

submitted for The Mag, Mag160


Brian Miller said...

ha. reads like a tale of the ancheints...we all can complain but there is always one that has it worse...and being half man is pretty bad...smiles.

Fireblossom said...

I bet you need a lot of coffee in the morning!

Marcoantonio Arellano said...

Lola, wonderful write, mi amiga.

I would like a half cup of tea and half cup of coffee; oh, and add a little half and half creamer. :-)

Mynx said...

Wonderful story in a poem