Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Get Off

image courtesy of mobius faith

Feel the rush through your veins
Baby, you live to score
You’ve gotten your hit
Now you love me much more
You’re sweeter than Karo
When you swear that you’ll quit
But you get off on guilt
That’s some really sick shit

My apartment is filled
With your gifts of remorse
You say it’s because of
Your parents’ divorce
Your puppy dog eyes
They beg me to stay
But you are an addict
And we end up this way

You get off on guilt
You get high from regret
You keep messin’ up
And it’s not over yet
I won’t sell my soul
On your street any more
Confess your transgressions
To a priest or some whore

You get off on guilt
Such a sin devotee
I’m done dealin’ forgiveness
Your fixes for free
You get off on guilt
Stay away from my door
‘Cause you’re not gonna use me
To get yourself off any more.


Anonymous said...

What a line, "Such a sin devotee"
Powerful allusions in this poem. Well done. Love your take on this image.

Margaret said...

Wow. These two prompts certainly played off one another quite well! Powerful and vivid!

Marian said...

whoosh, this is a punch. sweeter than corn syrup? really???? ;)

Brian Miller said...

ugh that is some really sick shit....guilt sucks big time....yep not one to get caught up in as her dealer....really like the rhythm of your words in this...

sorry i am late...been out all afternoon delivering my boys to gramma...

Helen said...

WOW! This resonates on just about every level that exists!!!!

Lolamouse said...

You crack me up! I just posted it today, and you apologize for being "late!" I really do think there are more than one of you!

Claudia said...

that's so tough if one finds all the excuses and then messes up again and again...good to give them a clear line cause i think otherwise it's just going on and on..

Anonymous said...

damn, girl! you tell him!